Frequently asked questions


Where are Storyteller clothes made?

Our clothing is knitted, sewn and finished in Finland.

Where does the yarn come from?

The yarn used in our products is high-qualified merino wool spun in Italy.

Is your wool mulesing free?

Unfortunately we cannot fully quarantee right now that all of our wool is mulesing free but we are aiming for that.

What does mulesing mean?

Mulesing is a controversial process to remove skin around the sheep's tail to reduce harmful parasitic flies landing eggs under the skin. Mulesing is mostly linked to Merino sheep breed. Mulesing is practised especially in Australia.

I think I am allergic to the wool. Do your clothes feel itchy against the skin?

The yarn we use is really delicate and fine and feeling in our clothes is smooth and soft. The filaments in our yarns are quite long. The shorter and thickier the filaments are, the more coarser the final fabric is. Most people feel really confortable in our clothes and not itchy at all.

What chemicals do you use in production?

We don't treat our clothes with any chemicals for example for preservative purposes. In the finishing process we use only vapourised hot water.


How long does it take to ship to ...?

The shipping will be made within 5 working days in Finland. The order can be picked up from our little factory too if requested in your order. The delivery time for international orders inside Europe is between 5 to 7 working days. Outside Europe the delivery time may be 12 working days. Please notice that the customer is responsible for customs or taxes outside European Union. If you ask for measure-made garments or we are out of stock, the delivery times may vary. We'll be in touch with you in these cases.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, you can order goods from us all around the globe!

How do I activate coupon code?

Choose products of your liking to the cart and when choosing payment method, you can add the code to your order.


Can I wash my knits in washing machine?

Yes, but be careful to choose low temperature according to the maintenance instructions in product and laundry detergent designed for wool. If wool is washed in too high temperature, it will shrink and felt. You can also check more washing and maintenance instructions from our blog!

How should I store my knits?

When in active use, the best way to store your clothes is nicely folded in a closet or on a rail with a hanger designed for knitwear. If you pack your clothes away for a longer pediod, for the summer for example, the best way is to brush them outside, wash, freeze or heat-treat them in sauna first. Put your clothes in a clothing bag or box. Transparent plastic bags or boxes are good for storing clothes for couple of months. Make sure that clothes stay fresh and dry in storage. Moths don't like red cedar tree so if you want to make sure that your clothing doesn't have any holes, but some pieces of cedar tree with your clothes. There are also chemicals you can use but we recommend the more natural way.

Oh no, I got a hole into my garment. What should I do?

No worries! You can fix it! Check handy mending instructions from our blog.

My well served knit is worn out, how do I get rid of it?

Please check if there is any recycling option around you for worn out textiles that cannot be used anymore in their current shape. Re-using textile fibers is an up-coming thing and there are more and more options available instead of tossing your clothing to the landfill.

Will your knitwear keep its shape and colour in use?

Some lousy-ass knitwear will lose its shape in use but not ours! ;) The structure in our knits is firm and we have also reinforced seams in places that need extra support most. Washing and maintaining your clothes as in instructions on the product will keep the colors intact but wool in general does not have a very good color resistance in strong, direct sunlight so please do not keep your beloved knits in sun for long times.

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