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How not to make 'em tiny - Washing Instructions for Wool

February 16, 2018

Washing woollen clothes can be a bit scary. But no worries, with these instructions you'll succeed! Just follow these easy steps:


1) Avoid washing with water - Make your garments fresh in outside air

Washing knitted garments with water should be avoided. Knitwear will freshen best in outside air.


2) Oh no, there's a dirty spot!

If there is a single stain in your knitwear, it's best to wash only the stained part of the garment. If needed, the whole garment can be handwashed in 30 °C (86 °F) temperature with wool-friendly liquid detergent. Be careful with the temperature, any hotter water will shrink the garment!



3) How not to felt wool
The garment shouldn't be soaked or rubbed heavily to avoid felting, but it can be carefully washed with gentle squeezing movements. Rinse carefully until the rinsing water is clear. The washing and rinsing water should both be in the same temperature.


4) Keepin' the shape

After rinsing, pad excess water with towels. Shape the garment to its original dimensions on a flat and airy horizontal platform, for example a laundry rack, and let dry in room temperature. Heavy and soaking garment can lose its original size and form if hanging loosely. A thick garment can dry slowly and it can be turned to the other side if it's still wet.


5) Pumping iron

When the garment is dry, it can be steam ironed from the reverse side. Keep the temperature low, wool is same material as your hair. And hair burns, you know.



Possible lint will disappear in use, wash and steam ironing. If you use electrical lint remover, be careful not to damage the garment.

Be careful not to cut any yarns because it'll create a hole. If your garment gets stuck on something and it drags a yarn loop out of the knitwear, don't cut the loop but try to pull it back into the knit or to the reverse side with a small crochet hook. If a hole is worn to the garment, there are many good instruction videos online about mending.

Still not sure?

Remember that laundry services are always happy to help you with washing your garment in a wool-friendly manner. It is not necessary to wash knitted garments very often because wool is dirt-repellent, antibacterial material so even a regular wash in a laundry service won't be too expensive or laborious. Well-maintained knitwear will last long! Worn out woollen textiles can be reused and upcycled or disposed by burning. Wool is a biodegradable material and it doesn't harm the environment. 

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